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Let's be honest! Being a Creator in the world today is tough. Building a business on top of that - Well it can be brutal.

Since our humble beginnings in 2020 we have created a safe place for our Creators to build a business that is right for them. Together we have achieve some incredible victories. We have also been able to stand with each other through some seriously tough stuff. We have celebrated over 5 000 wins, danced over 2 000 dance parties and cried over 10 000 tears togethers.

Creative Connection isn't just another business cohort. It's much better than that. We are friends in business. We talk, debate and explore the world of business together. Brainstorming business, marketing and product ideas. We hear, see and celebrate every member of our community.

Creative Connection is an online community of big-hearted Creatives who want to start and grow a meaningful business.

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    The creative connection groups have helped me find my people. Robyn has created a safe space for me to share my ideas and feelings with like-minded people. I no longer feel so alone as an entrepreneur and I always leave a session inspired.
    Louise Groenewald

    I love that we all do different things but the fact that we are all creatives is the common thread. We may all do different things but we have similar ups and downs. It is so great to have a group of like-minded people to talk to and bounce ideas off of.
    Kat Grudko

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